Odyssey of a Beard

Wrinkles & facial hair are symbols of a life well lived. Plastic surgery to look younger never impressed me.  Personally, I am the personification of a human chia pet. Pour a little water on me & watch the scruff grow into something amazing.

Growing up, I was always the first boy to successfully achieve a full beard in a week’s time. However, I wasn’t ready to look like a lumberjack. So, I invested in an electric shaver. For some reason, I was just terrified of stubble. Although, shifting through men’s fashion mags, the beard looked chic. These handsome men photographed around the Lower East Side & Nolita looked all kinds of cool. They had a gorgeous mame of hair on their face, which complimented very sophisticated looking outfits.

Still, chic fashion magazines could not convince me to have a beard. Therefore, I went nut-so with the electric razor, sometimes shaving twice a day. One day, I just simply grew weary of shaving. I live close to work, but l hated the extra time spent in the mirror shaving. I’d rather spend the time color coordinating my colorless wardrobe or watch the news.

I let the scruff grow in. Shockingly, people loved the scruff. In fact, I did too. So, I decided to give my preppy wardrobe a lumber jack twist. Friends also commented that it made me look more mature. I’m an old spirit with quite a lot of life experience for my young age. The beard is representation of a transition from being a boy to a hairy beast of a man.

The beard is a challenge to maintain (getting it even always a challenge). However, I love it. The beard is a symbol of a more mature age. Wrinkles haven’t set in. If they did, I’d embrace it like my beard. Playing connect the wrinkle lines (like connect the dots) would be splendid. Vive le chia pet.