Hello, Polar Bear

EXT: New York City, post Polar vortex

The skies were a crisp and lovely shade of blue. Trench coats, pea coats and scarves retreated to their spring/summer home, the closet. Tulips and roses bloomed across the city. From Midtown East to Greenwich Village, the blossoming flowers re-created the charm of an English garden. However, post Polar vortex New York was more hot Tottie friendly than conducive to frozen margarita madness. A bit of cold air still lingered.

For this polar bear at heart, the cold weather was splendid. I paraded around the East Village in my pea coat and fancy sweaters. Then one weekend, this urban polar bear felt a strange sensation. A drop fell from my forehead and into the sidewalk along a merry festival of historic West Village brownstones. I gazed into the sun. “Shit, it does finally feel like spring. It’s hot,” said I, whipping the sweat from my brow.

I made the best out of my sweaty scenario and ventured into the Hudson’s waterfront. The breeze from the river was quite refreshing.

While walking along, everyone seemed delighted. The sidewalks were bustling and not one remnant of winter could be felt. As I crossed the West Side highway into Christopher Street Pier, I looked around there were shirtless gays everywhere. “Ok, maybe spring isn’t too bad?”

The next day, the heat intensified. Like most New Yorkers, I cooled down with a mimosa at brunch. While sitting at a charming restaurant with my friend, Jennie, she suggested we venture into a most cliché of scenarios. If you guessed Central Park, than congrats you know Manhattan quite well.

“Why don’t we go sit in the grass?” asked Jennie. “I don’t wanna sit in grass. My tuckus will get green and I just don’t want to get my shoes dirty, said I.

“Oh common, said Jennie, as she sat amongst the other park dwellers. I continued to stand. Giving a smirk, I grew weary of standing and finally caved in. As my tuckus hit the green and wet grass, I gave out a whine. “Geez, I don’t get sitting in the grass. I mean, I am not a wilderness kind of guy, said I.

Jennie giggled and replied, “Look around, you don’t exactly live in the country.” I smiled and indulged in some people watching. Typically, I enjoyed New York parks on a bench, but the grass wasn’t so bad. That was my idea of roughing it and oddly enough, it was enjoyable.

The next day, springtime heat disappeared. With a sudden shock, the aftermath of the Polar vortex returned. It was a happy spring, indeed. My pea coats returned from their closeted confides, after a weekend away. It even snowed, briefly. I enjoyed a bit of winter, since the roar of summer was en route.

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