Hello Cupcake

There are many fabulously cliché places to meet gay men in New York City. The gym counts as the most clichéd place. Many New York gays love the David Barton gym, which is the ideal marriage between weight lifting and a disco. Perfectly sculpted men, perform squats while subtly (or not so subtly) scanning the room. For those of us not willing to pay the high monthly gym membership, there’s always the more obvious option.

Gay bars are where exercise routines go to shit. Let’s face it, we love boozy adult beverages and liquid lunches. These dens to wine and whisky are superb settings to make friends.  Also, there’s the possibly of meeting that cute arty guy with a colorful collection of tattoos. Bars rarely spell romance. They can be reliable for a little fun.

For those of us who are more romantic at heart, there’s the best cliché of all. Strolling down any New York sidewalk, equates a certain amount of hope. That hope is ignited by possibly meeting the world’s most wonderful man.

As in any good New York cliché, something romantic is blasting (i.e. Danke Shoen, Just the way you look tonight). Then you bump into him, en route to Eataly (for panini, of course). He has a most charming smile, dresses impeccably and sounds a bit like Hugh Grant. You date then get married. Magically, you find a charming apartment and spend the rest of your life making people declare, aww-aren’t they swell?”

Those scenarios rarely happen. Instead, we must find happiness elsewhere. In the dead of winter, the next best thing to cuddling with a man is dessert. Nothing says romance like scarfing down a cannoli at Veniero’s with friends. For a few precious moments, the sweet sensation is comparable to a romantic fling.

Since Veniero’s isn’t on any every street corner, one institution is inevitable. The cupcake shop resides in virtually every New York neighborhood and fulfills the sweet tooth’s cravings. While trying out a new cupcake shop with Krista, I ordered a very buttery cupcake. When we sat down for afternoon sweet nosh, I was feeling not so wonderful about my dating life.

I validate myself and find joy in my own contributions to the world. However, it’s a compliment to receive attention from a guy you’re interested in. That factor had been missing lately. I took in a deep breath and bit into my cupcake.

A group of guys walked. My gay-dar was down. I texted Krista and asked “are they gay?” from across the table. We weren’t quite sure, but they sat right behind us.

I heard the words “cheerleading and Chelsea” in one declarative sentence. “Must be gay,” I proclaimed over text message. One guy in particular, just caught my eye. We had a terrible time moving after our afternoon nosh.

Therefore, we continued to sit. The three guys got up to leave. I looked toward the guy, whom I fancied. To my surprise, he didn’t look away. Instead, he kept looking. “No way, this feels magical” I thought. That unexpected moment of eye contact was amazing.

After the best eye contact ever, I was in a romantic daze. The eye-to-eye contact was sweeter than any cupcake. It made feel good, even after having a ton of rejection previously. More importantly, it gave me something to write about.

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