Mazel Tov

Mazel tov is a celebratory word, which means “congratulations” in Hebrew. It’s a term, which usually revolves around celebration. In the world of gay, one of many battles continues to be fought, the right to marry. Now-a-days, gay marriage is legal in New York state. However, the rest of the country is also following suit.

Who could forget that YouTube video of the adorable Utah man proposed to via a flash mob at Home Depot’s lumber section? Or the sentimental images of long time love birds, finally tying the knot everywhere from rooftops to City Hall? Until, recently, the whole idea of getting married never touched a nerve with me.

One day, I was taken by surprise. Typically, I avoid the marriage column of the New York Times. It’s that special section, which joins sports in lacking any interest for me. Then, I happened to randomly browse the marriage section. “Shit, the guy I was in love with has gotten married to a hot guy.” I continued to read the article.

For a moment, I thought, “wow, was there something about me he didn’t like? Was I not cute enough to date?” I felt rejected. Until, sensibility took over. “Oh yeah, that’s right our personalities didn’t click.” While, I thought he was hot, the fireworks never appeared and it’s been years since I’ve thought of him. Hence, he might be handsome, but I remember why we were not an item. As I read the article, declared “Mazel Tov” on getting married and moved on.

“Glad the gays are making the New York Times wedding column,” I said. “That’s wonderful, but I am not ready to settle down yet,” I also declared. It’s wonderful to know, that if Prince Charming arrived and wanted to purpose with a very poetic serenade, we could indeed get hitched in old New York.

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