The Perks of Being Extremely Campy in NYC

With leaves falling, leaving trees barren, the city transforms itself. The brightly lit canyons of Midtown give way to holiday camp. It’s a gradual process, which paints the sidewalks with lights of glittery green and red. On one faithful night, I went on a date.

As I sat at Sophia’s wine bar in Midtown East, sipping on a sauvignon blanc and eating a Panini, I couldn’t feel any romance. My date was a delightful dinner companion, but I couldn’t romanticize the situation. After dinner, we took a walk crosstown. There was certain magic in the air. While my date was as romantic as a beer pong tournament, I rekindled my love affair with the city.

We approached Rockefeller Center. Terrible club music blasted, as we walked toward the tourist mecca. Surprisingly, I found delight in one of the most fabled New York traditions, ice-skating in the middle of Rockefeller Center. My date and I reveled in watching the skaters.

The skaters represented a social hotch potch of humanity. Tourists (naturally), families, couples and the young at heart, enjoyed the cheesiest of traditions.

Naturally, the most fun came in the form of schadenfreude (German for laughing at somebody else’s misery). There were plenty of slips and falls, but since it was New York pre-holidays, even the injured were laughing off their misfortune.  I looked to the left; under scaffolding was the famous Christmas tree. Although, it’s a sight, I ‘ve seen many times, there was a surprising magic. The sight reminded me, the holidays were around the corner.

I walked my date to his bus, although there were no sparks, I had an unexpected and very quintessential evening in my own backyard. From that faithful night, Christmas madness slowly crept around Manhattan. Christmas shops popped up everywhere from Little Italy to Bryant Park. Fifth Avenue dazzled the pupil with bright lights decorating the fancy shops. The Time Warner Center sparkled with ever changing lights.

I once again, visited another skating rink. As I sat at Bryant Park with my holiday beverage, watching ice-skating mania, my jaded smirk turned into a smile. The holidays and enchanting cold weather was finally upon us. Living in the holiday capital of the world, has made me appreciate every minute of Christmas camp.

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  1. theyoungplum

     /  November 30, 2013

    Love Love Love Love Love.

    I stayed off of 23rd and 7th for a while for work. Beautiful. New York is the only thing I believe in. Fuck dates with no chemistry.


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