Charlie Brown’s Sweater

There’s a gaggle of eligible bachelors on the New York City subway everyday. Especially on mornings, which don’t commence with a triple shot cappuccino, the vision of eye candy wakens the senses. Subway etiquette always states no staring, even though we all live to people watch.

On a quite marvelous Saturday night, I waited for an Uptown train home. The station could easily bake a frozen DiGiorno’s pizza, since it felt like an oven. As I delved into an imaginary land of igloos, Frosty the snowman and candy canes, I had a vision of something more thrilling than a sparkling Christmas tree.

Standing on the platform, was an attractive fellow. My jadedness leaped off into never land, while I stood mesmerized. As the train approached the station, we both entered the same subway car. He sat right across from me. Naturally, I took one glance, but tried playing it cool. I wanted to take a second look.

I looked up from my iPOD, glanced quickly (then stared back at iPod) and thought to myself “wow, this is better than sitting through countless hours of Charlie Brown’s Christmas on TV.” As the train approached Times Square/42nd Street, my views were obstructed by the hoard of commuters, who rushed in. ” Uh-oh, looks like tonight’s presentation of awkward people watching is taking a commercial break.”

At 72nd Street, the train started clearing up. ” Don’t get off here. Please live so far Uptown that your address is practically in the Arctic, like me,” were my initial thoughts. He left the train at 72nd Street. I took a third glance and proclaimed, “it’s back to the Arctic for me, sans the eye candy. On the bright side, I was wearing my favorite sweater. Oh and when I returned to my apartment, it really felt like a little igloo.

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  1. so, same train, same time, every day? 😉

    • Oh yes, I always take the subway car at the end, since it’s less crowded. There’s always the hope, that Mr. Man will reappear 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog.


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