Jack-o-lanterns And Lattes

“I just wanna jump in a big pile of leaves and snow,” said I. In the intense oven-like heat, I felt more like a roasted chicken than a smiling polar bear. However, the loving memories of fall brought a sentimental tear to my eye.

In New York, fall isn’t simply about golden and orange leaves. It represents “coming out of the closet.” The coming out ceremony, involves my sweater and cardigan collection. After months of hibernating, the couture was ready to hit the fashion forward sidewalks.

Stepping out of my modest Manhattan apartment and feeling that crisp cold air was inspiring. Not only was it ideal outside, but also the fashion was better. From the concrete to the subway, everyone was dressed in their fall best. However, I still needed that special something to really represent the change of season.

“Pumpkin spice lattes are back,” proclaimed a friend. As, I nearly fell out of my chair in glee; a tear fell from my cheek. After finding out about the pumpkin spice comeback, I quickly joined the caffeinated bandwagon.

I made the trek to Starbucks and took the first sip. It was quite sweet, sickeningly sweet and I loved it. At the moment, fall had officially arrived. Goodbye humidity, hello Halloween and Thanksgiving madness.

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