Splendor in Central Park

“Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, an off -Broadway theatre & Central Park?” In New York, culture happens in the most unexpected moments. When I moved uptown to Harlem from the east 20’s, I was worried about feeling aloof from my Downtown bubble. Instead, I found new rich cultural experiences, walking everywhere from Lenox Ave to 135th Street.

Spontaneous swing dancing on 125th Street, old men playing dominos & street parties with the smell of crawfish flowing through Seventh Avenue filled my imagination with a new found creativity. Nothing quite compared to my adventure walking from my fifth floor walk-up to Central Park.

The park’s northern boundaries are my favorite. Unlike the more buzzing corridors. Central Park North retains a feeling of tranquility. While the sun slowly faded into hibernation mode, I wondered toward a small grassy hill. In the distance, I saw a most inviting pond.

I walked the trail toward the pond and saw people gathered. Across the pond, people were dressed in period pieces, possibly from the late 19th century. They were entertaining a mesmerized audience. “Oh my, I just stumbled upon a play being performed in the park.” I asked the lady next to me, who informed me, it was indeed an “Anton Chekhov” play, but didn’t know the exact title.

I stayed across the pond to view the play. Although, my tuckus was covered in grass, bugs were swarming around me like Costco customers at a sample table and fireflies were buzzing through, I stayed in my grass knoll and enjoyed the show. I could barely hear anything, but the actors running around and the flickering lights spoke to my senses.

As the last light went dim, the actors took a bow. The audience clapped as I scratched away at my bug bites. While walking along Central Park West, I smiled. This is why I live in New York, moments like these. It’s the unexpected, which keeps the mad love affair alive and well.

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  1. PhiipPhlop

     /  June 23, 2013

    “bugs were swarming around me like Costco customers at a sample table”

    HAHA brilliant!

  2. The Costco line made me laugh! So true lol


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