Penguin Feet

A Saturday afternoon party includes a proper cardigan (check), dazzling trousers (check) & vividly colored black socks (uh,wait.hold that check). While preparing my most favorite outfit for a party on the Upper East Side, something was missing, black socks. I looked in the Bermuda Triangle of socks, underneath my bed and in every nook + cranny around my room. However, I fell short. I sent the whole black sock collection to the laundry mat drop off.

Then I found a pair of black socks, but remembered, oh yeah it’s raining outside. I’ll probably have to take off my shoes at the party and these socks have taken too many glorious walks downtown this week.

Fortunately, I had a pair of white socks, which were not smelly. White socks and black dress shoes scream tacky. Anyways, I took the plunge & made my feet a shrine to tacky.

I walked out of my apartment, confidently. As I boarded the Uptown 6 train, I noticed my white socks were peaking their head out. I did what I could to hide my blunder. My feet resembled two miniature penguins. As I exited the 86th Street station, I arrived a bit early to the party. Therefore, I took a walk around Park Avenue.

In classic New York weather scenes, intense winds blew through the gilded cages of the ultra wealthy. I walked along Park Avenue, feeling very much like a prince. Then the wind kept blowing through my trousers, revealing my little secret. White socks & black shoes were the edgiest combo seen on the legendary avenue, since t-shirt & jeans wowed the blue bloods.

I made it to the party and took off my shoes. However, I was having such a lovely time with my friends that I simply forgot about my feet. Instead, I focused my energy on hogging up the karaoke machine & eating very well. From then on, I decided to invest in more socks and less cardigans (well until autumn appears again).

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