Spinning Like A 45

Old record shops line the most charming of New York streets. From Bleecker Street to Bedford, vinyl records from David Bowie to the Velvet Underground adorn shop windows bringing a sense of cool from eras gone by.

A different kind of spinning happens 24/7 in the City. Laundry mats keep knickers, socks, delightful t-shirts and vintage jeans smelling and feeling soft and touchable. The primary challenge with a laundry mat is enduring its many hours of rinse cycles and drying.

In New York, where patience is often tested, most urbanites pay someone to do their laundry. It is then presented to the customer, beautifully folded and in signature multi-colored laundry bags.

As one of those New York boys, who’s always on the “go.” I opted for the more expensive route. With a looming tight budget, I decided to gather up my coffee trust fund (my collection of quarters) and do the job myself.

After putting in the first load, I felt overzealous. When I went to put the whites in, all the machines were in use. Like a seat on the subway, the machines go fast. So, I decided not to fret and went out for a Cuban (the sandwich). After eating a Cubano sandwich, I returned to the laundry mat. Finally, there was a place for my whites.

As I sat there, boredom kicked in. I felt antsy and just wanted to go out to Central Park for a walk. However, the dryer didn’t wanna go at New York speeds. So, I sat down and read about famous authors with loose screws. Instead of concentrating on the eloquent words of Sylvia Plath, I kept looking at the machine, which was spinning round and round.

Seemingly half of the day went by, when it finally finished. I nearly pulled out my hair from doing laundry. After I folded clothes and it didn’t look as nice. Walking out of the laundry mat, I decided even if it would cost me a few extra bucks; I would just pay to get it done forever and ever.

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