The Magical Flute

A Seed was buried in dirt.

It was insignificant, on the fringe and awkward.

Other plants sprung from the ground.

Growing flowers of yellow hues, Kelly green leaves and exotic vegetables.

The little seed was still buried in dirt.

Then came torrential rain and the seed disappeared.

A magical rainbow accompanied the seed as it grew into a modest plant.

As seasons passed, the plant was pregnant with lemons.

The growth spur continued.

Soon, the plant towered over all the vegetation and lemons wouldn’t stop dropping.

As years passed, people died.

People were born & the plant kept growing with more lemons

Soon, the modest seed morphed itself into a bean stock, towering over the village.

It hid the village from the sun and caused sunny days to fade into black.

The bean stock stood still, not even heavy winds could make it dance.

One day, it heard the sounds of magical flute.

It finally wanted to dance with the rhythm.

Thanks to the mesmerizing flute, the bean stock revealed sunny days again.

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  1. Great poem! I love the story it tells, especially that final line.

  2. Thanks very much. I appreciate it.


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