Noodles And Chocolates

Grand Central Station at the morning rush hour is an organized zig zag of commuters. On most days, they barely crack a smile, until that special moment when they line up at Joe’s coffee stand. One special day kept commuters smiling sans the java. Maybe, it’s the chocolate? Or the thought of fancy French restaurant reservations on the Upper West Side? The city melts like a Hershey’s kiss in summer during Valentine’s day.

I frown at Valentine’s cards and yellow tulips lining apartment windows. However, it was on a special train in those most jaded of places, Grand Central Station, which would make me crave love letters.

On a typical busy rush hour night, I decided to treat myself to some after work Chinese. It was there on the 4 train going downtown that it happened, a Valentine’s day miracle. ” Oh my God, I got a seat on the express train at rush hour.” I was overcome with emotion as I sat down and secretly hoped that not one elderly person would walk in needing my precious seat.

This guy sat next to me. I didn’t pay much attention to him. While I had another nightly dilemma of figuring out, which hipster sounding song to listen to, I heard a voice. ” I can’t believe it, I never seen people smile so much at Grand Central.” I looked beside me to a smiling and very handsome face. “Hello handsome man, how you doin?” This is what I thought internally, of course.

“Look of Love” played in my head. We chatted. Every time that awkward silence came about, I pressed on with the conversation. We talked Valentine’s plans. He was going home to cook pasta and I was going to have Lo Mein for dinner.

Suddenly, cupid’s arrow was about to strike as it aimed for my head. The announcer (obviously) announced, this is Union Square /14th street. I didn’t go for it.

I could hear Cupid’s voice in the background. It sounded like Woody Allen. “Oy, you yutz!” There was the perfect man, handsome, witty, and bright and you just walk away. Enjoy the damn Lo Mein tonight.” I walked away feeling the pangs of not going for the attractive man in the subway. Yet, my voyage to Chinese restaurant heaven led me to the most unexpected of places, Whole Foods.

I stood in line to the bathroom, when Cupid re-appeared. ” So, I am playing you’re yenta, you like coats, right?” I nodded my head. ” Well you’re gonna love the fella I have for you. There stood a non-shalant guy wearing the world’s most beautiful trench coat. “Is this the line to the bathroom?” I (of course) replied, yes.

He then looked at my special accessory. ” Those ear phones, how do you like them?” I pulled them out of my ears and said “why yes, bought them at the Apple store. He then replied, ” I am in the market for ear phones.”

Woody Allen/Cupid’s voice re-appeared. ” Don’t be a yutz, earphones are code for something else.” Randomly, we kept talking about earphones, until I peed. Then, I walked out of Whole Foods with Cupid not really saying much. “I am gonna smoke a cigarette and do something productive, since my right arm is sick of holding the damn arrow,” said Cupid.

My Valentine’s date was my laptop. Lo Mein & scallion pancakes were served. At the crowded Chinese eatery, I spotted a group of gay men. There he sat eating beef & broccoli. Cupid tapped me on the shoulder “notice four guys, that means double date. I’ll see you next year” and Cupid was gone.

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  1. ivansblogworld

     /  February 15, 2013

    Can’t help loving NYC.

  2. I agree, that’s why I live here 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. this was a beautiful post.

    write more.

    you’re really good.



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