Madison Square Park

Getting a second chance with a hot date is equivalent of a local train going express. It’s a rarity. After having a less than stellar date with Mr. Corporate finance, I was still smitten. Remarkably, I found the courage to ask him out (again).

When he picked up the phone & I heard that sophisticated English accent, I nearly fell weak at the knees. Nonetheless, I wanted a second chance. “Wanna do brunch on Sunday?” I asked. He paused for a moment and asked, “Sure, where mate?” I replied, “Meet me 17th& Eighth Ave.” The date was set. I had to coordinate my wardrobe for the grand event.

A lovely tweed coat, grey tie & black trousers combo was my outfit of choice for the date. As I waited outside the restaurant in Chelsea, my nerves were as intense as the Queensboro Bridge at rush hour. Finally, Mr. Corporate finance arrived in jeans & t-shirt. I was mesmerized. Brunch was slightly less intimidating than expected and he even laughed at my corny jokes.

After brunch, we walked along 23rd street. I was feeling confident in my abilities to seduce the Brit. The city was also alive with a sense of renewal, since winter faded into spring. As we approached Madison Square Park, the conversation never grew into boredom. The small park was alive with couples enjoying the day, dogs prancing gleefully and the trees bursting with sunshine. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong singing, “Let’s call the whole thing off” was the only missing component from a perfect day.

Our stroll through the city commenced. The conversation was so riveting. ” Wow, look, that’s the New York Public library. I didn’t notice we walked this far up,” I told him with a smile. ” Oh shit,” he replied. ” I have to go catch up on work at the office,” he said. Of course, it was Sunday, but Wall Street rarely goes for brunch on Sundays & neither did Mr. Corporate finance. I convinced him to walk up to 59th & Lex to catch the 4 train there.

In the midst of horns, narrow sidewalks & people traffic, Mr. Corporate finance stared into my big brown eyes & said “It was a lovely afternoon, thank you!” We hugged and he went on his merry way downtown. Even though, I didn’t get a farewell kiss, the date renewed my sense of hope.

Like spring my euphoria was short lived. Mr. Corporate finance and I never developed a romantic relationship. There was an air of disappointment, since I couldn’t charm him with my ties & quirky wit. However, we are still wonderful friends till this day. However, asking him out again gave me a nice self-esteem boost. I eventually dated more men with Madison Square Park as my favorite place for a romantic stroll.

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