Snowflakes On My Head

A strong blizzard was blowing into New York. It was both exciting and enchanting. Nothing could make me smile more than a proper blizzard. My friend, Natalia suggested taking a field trip to Tribeca, since we had friends in the neighborhood. Like any proper New York temp, I was on a budget.

Regardless, we took the 6 train from the Upper East Side to Chinatown. As we emerged from the Canal Street station, Chinatown was covered in snow, while strong & sharp snowflakes were flying from the heavens. Natalia & I had a long schlep to Tribeca. However, like real New York troopers, we walked the long distance.

The snow intensified and we couldn’t stare up, since the blizzard was blinding. As the Cantonese & Mandarin signs faded into American English, we reached Tribeca. Our friend Michelle lived in a large loft with panoramic views. It was a delight to see the storms magnitude from the safety of a warm apartment. Like any good blizzard, we developed an appetite for comfort food & good booze.

As we sat at the bar ordering Italian food, I remembered “oh yeah, I am on a budget.” I got a bit nervous even ordering a simple pizza. However, I pulled a practical move, “eat part of it now & save the rest in a brown paper baggie for later” (was the motto of the afternoon). When the bill arrived, my two friends took it out of my hand. “We got this one,” Michelle & Natalia proclaimed with a smile.

David, our bartender even bought me a drink. It was a happy blizzard day indeed. After our lovely lunch, the blizzard lingered like a great Shakespearean drama on the mighty stage of the Globe theatre. However, there was something simply charming about sharply edged snowflakes. Once again, we took the long route from Tribeca to the subway station in Chinatown, being delighted by the snow’s magnitude.

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