Somewhere in Tribeca

Grabbing a taxi in the city is a luxury. I leave this special occasion for times when I am a bit fuzzy headed or to put it more bluntly, drunk. However, when I am in a time crunch, the bright yellow cab saves the day. Sitting in a taxi brings out all my neurosis.

I once grabbed cab in Tribeca. Hell’s Kitchen was the destination that day. Chambers Street swelled with gridlock. I looked at the meter and reminded the driver about the joys of taking the West Side highway. I also told him I had an urgent appointment. The real rush was a lunch date. Seeing the cab fare rise ignited my nervousness.

We finally traveled up the West Side Highway. I kept looking at the meter as it rose.  My first thought was, “oh why didn’t I just take the E train uptown.” Arriving at the edge of Hell’s Kitchen, I decided to walk past two avenues just to save cab fare.

While, my cab rides have become case studies on how to save $1.50, other stories are downright exciting. My fabulous fashionista friend told me ” I conquered a fear.”

“What did you conquer?” I quickly asked. “We were in the Lower East Side and had a party to go to on the Upper West Side. So, there wasn’t enough room for all of us in the cab. While the cabbie wasn’t looking, I climbed in the trunk.” she exclaimed excitedly.

My eyes grew big. ” Weren’t you scared riding in the trunk of a cab?” I asked with some nervous gestures. ” That’s the fear I wanted to conquer, riding in the trunk of a cab. It wasn’t so awful. I ate a bag of potato chips on the way there. When the cab driver wasn’t looking, I propped open the trunk and made it to the party on time.” She smiled. I was in awe of her story.

Then I thought to myself, “Gee, why didn’t I ever think about riding in the trunk of a cab and then write a story about it?” Giving a quick giggle, I remembered. ” Oh yeah, that’s right I have my therapist on speed dial.” If seeing the meter rise gets my panties in a twist, I could only imagine what a trunk could to do to the neurosis level (it might wrinkle my cardigan).


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