59th And Lex

The New York City subway is a collection of memories, personalities and plenty of active germs. Unlike most American cities, the subway provides quality time away from being alone and feeling encapsulated in a car. Instead, we not only catch up on the latest news and fun tunes, but leave high stress levels and honking horns to our very own cab drivers.

Throughout my time riding the subway, I have read wonderful books, shared plenty of laughs with friends & even made eye contact with the most adorable men. However, there are those times when the subway is filled with unexpected moments.

I would catch the N train at 59th & Lex below Bloomingdale’s. It was always a mad dash down the staircase and into the N train to Queens. I usually arrived at the station in time to walk toward the end of the train, which featured a plentiful amount of seats. One evening, I ran down the staircase only to see the train had arrived and I quickly dashed into the middle of the train before it left.

There wasn’t a seat or available pole to grab onto. Thanks to the evening rush hour. Utilizing my tippy toes, I supported myself by placing my hand on the subway’s ceiling. “This shouldn’t be too bad,” I thought to myself. I cranked up the Violent Femmes and away I went into charming Queens. The first couple seconds were a piece of cheesecake.

Euphoria didn’t last long, as the subway went under the East River. There were many twists and turns, soon I was struggling to keep a hold of my balance and not fall into the crowd.  I squinted my eyes and increased my hand to ceiling hold as the train emerged onto the Queensboro Bridge. Manhattan looked like OZ from a distance, dazzling and austere.

Not so austere was the final descent into the Queensboro Plaza station. I nearly lost my grip and fell. When the train let out passengers, who then bolted into the awaiting 7 train, I quickly took a seat. Never had a subway seat felt so amazing. Off, I went into Astoria. A few minutes ago, I was in agony and then my subway adventure just turned into “New York moment # 1,250, 200 and counting.

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  1. iammarcello

     /  January 8, 2013

    Great post, not dissimilar to the London Underground – the Tube

  2. Thanks very much. I also love taking the tube when I am in London 🙂


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