The Squirrels Of Union Square

New York is filled with a colorful cast of characters. The city’s most vibrant subculture is the squirrel. Like it’s human counterpart the squirrel must hustle and be quick on his/her toes. Unlike their country cousins, the squirrel doesn’t want “no stinkin nuts.”

The Manhattan squirrel has gourmet taste. They crave knishes, French pastries and bagels. For New Yorkers, they are a source of delight. They frequent the city’s most pleasurable oasis. The squirrel enjoys coming out of his/her hole and basking in the old tress and grassy knolls of Madison Square Park. Union Square’s hustle/bustle compliments the critter’s enjoyment of the fast paced lifestyle. Stuyvesant Town has a sense of a community and peace for the more extroverted squirrel.

While the squirrels live and breathe in the best New York addresses, the city is a virtual zoo. Not all of the city’s wildlife is as revered as the squirrel. In the tracks of the subway lives the rat. They can make even the most tough as nails New Yorker squirm in fear and can grow as large as cats. Everyone’s worst fear is to have one wonder around the actual platform. However, the rat continues it’s archaeological dig for food in the tracks of the subway, regardless of high-speed trains approaching.

Then there are the most beloved of New York animals, dogs. Some wear so much high fashion, that Marc Jacobs would cry tears of couture joy. The dogs roaming the streets of the East Village aren’t always t-cups. There are dogs so large they could join a rodeo and practically be mistaken for horses. How owners get dogs that large in apartments resembling walk-in closets will always remain a mystery.

Personally, animals delight me. I like to sit at a bench in Union Square and watch the squirrels run around. They are adorable. When they approach closer to my feet, I do get the freights. “Oh no, they maybe covered in rabbis,” I proclaim nervously. Fortunately for me, I have sat everywhere from Madison Square Park to Tompskins Square Park and never had a bad encounter with a squirrel. If I were a squirrel, I’d take knishes over nuts any day.

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  1. I’ve always been partial to squirrels. Thanks for the post!

  2. You’re welcome! Thanks so much for checking out my blog.


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