The Boy From Brooklyn

Many cool parts of Brooklyn have become hipster havens. Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens and even Bushwick are home to a higher than average amount of folks who drink soy lattes, wear black rim glasses, have plaid for every occasion and listen to Phoenix. In the cluster of brownstones, vintage shops, vinyl record shops and Polish mom n’pop restaurants lived my dreamboat.

Mr. Brooklyn (as I’d like to call him) was dreamy with ravishing black hair and brightly lit green eyes. He didn’t work in the creative field, but in the political arena. We had a mutual friend, who gave me insider tip on Mr. Brooklyn.

My buddy said that he needed volunteers for a LGBT outreach in Chelsea. I obliged and agreed to help rally support for our community. Embarrassingly, I had an ulterior motive, to make Mr. Brooklyn fall in love with me.

I took the subway to Chelsea; waiting outside the station was Mr. Brooklyn. He bought me a coffee as a thank you for my time. We talked, nothing exciting, but the entire time, I tried to hold back my attraction.

The volunteer work commenced. It revolved around handing out gay rights pamphlets to pedestrians along Ninth Avenue. I made friends with some other volunteers and even exchanged phone numbers. They were a fun loving and passionate group of guys.

After the outreach,  I ended up at more LGBT outreaches with Mr. Brooklyn leading the team. The next outreach took us to Hell’s Kitchen, which is New York’s current gay mecca.

It was the same routine and pamphlets. Hell’s Kitchen proved to be a less than friendly place. After my volunteer work, we went to a cafe. Mr. Brooklyn seemed less than amused with me. While, everyone loved my quirky sense of humor, he seemed distant.

Therefore, I thought, “Maybe he’s having a bad day?”  At the next outreach, we headed to the old school gay mecca, the West Village. I found Mr. Brooklyn to be polite, but too serious. I love fun-loving men with a wicked sense of humor.  It was as clear as vodka; Mr. Brooklyn was not the man for me.

The experience of pursuing Mr. Brooklyn gave me something even more valuable than trying to land a date. Through the friends made at the outreach, I ended up volunteering at more LGBT events. In turn, I felt a great sense of satisfaction for helping out with the gay rights movement. Mr. Brooklyn still lives in (you guessed it) Brooklyn and has an equally politically active boyfriend.

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