Fairy Tale Land

Thanks to Disney, we grew up with a fairy tale vision of romance. Snow White, Cinderella & dearest Sleeping Beauty were beautiful and had flawless skin. A handsome prince married these gals. Fairy godmothers and dwarfs were a staple of their wedding party.

Of course, they didn’t tell us what happened after the nuptials. Farting in bed, whinny children and heated debates on which China should be served for dinner party guests were never brought up. Hence, there weren’t any sequels to these fairy tales.

New York is a fairy tale land for us who come from less stimulating parts of the world. There is the promise of career prosperity, a rich social life and romance. With so many eligible bachelors, it’s difficult to find that special prince that could wake us up from a restless night’s sleep with a kiss.

However, for millions of gay New Yorkers love commences with the touch of a keyboard. Personally, I’ve always gone for older men. The cute college boys were a part of my university life. One day, that all changed. On one of my gay dating site expeditions, a twenty-one year old guy from Staten Island sent me a message.

I saw quite a bit of me in him. We both had the boy next-door vibe; quintessentially New York looks and smiled a bit more than the average person. We messaged and I found him not only adorable, but intellectually stimulating. After a message spree, we finally agreed to meet in the West Village.

That icy January evening, I was actually running late for once. I took the F train to 14th street and rushed up Sixth Avenue, cutting corners before arriving at Christopher & Seventh Ave. We met at the intersection of gay and uber gay. After a quick hug and amazing eye contact, we walked to dinner.

First dates are always terrifying, but I felt quite comfortable. We walked to charming Italian bistro and discussed politics. It’s usually, the first thing one wants to avoid on a date. Yet, we both swung the liberal way, so commonality was found. We talked and talked. Then the bill came. I pulled out my credit card. He pushed my credit card away. “My dad says a gentleman should always pay” and he did. He even opened doors for me.

While strolling the Village’s many opulent sidewalks with gorgeous brownstone blocks, shops and cafes, we ended back at Christopher Street. He was returning to Staten Island.

Before, entering the subway, he had a surprise. He kissed me in the middle of the busy sidewalk. Manhattan faded into a far memory for that brief moment when our lips touched.

Till this day we remain friends. I always remember that night and how charming Mr. Staten Island was (and still is). Even though, we didn’t get married with dwarfs as groomsman, it was one of the most memorable dates ever. Disney’s promise of fairy tale romance can be a reality in fast paced New York City.

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