Dearest Yenta

Yenta is a Yiddish word for matchmaker. I discovered the term while watching Fiddler on the roof on Broadway. There is a song/dance routine inspired by the Yenta. In film school, I too gained a Yenta card. However, I didn’t stand in line for the card, it fell in my wallet.

During my senior year, I had to direct a scene for (surprise, surprise) a directing class. We picked a scene from our choice film and brought it to life using real actors.

The films of Wes Anderson have always sparked my interest. I love his use of quirk, dark humor and overall directing style. Therefore, a scene from the Royal Tenenbaums would be my choice. I picked a scene, which involved romance between a brother and sister.

I had to hire passionate actors who could pull off such a fete. For the male character, I asked my personal trainer Will to star. He excitedly accepted. The challenge was then to find an actress. Through a friend, I had a reference to a theatre major, Jenna. With both actors in place, I was ready to direct.

We did a cold reading. Then came the actual rehearsals. I secured a classroom in the theatre department. They both displayed great pathos as they brought the characters to life.

The scene called for kissing. They smooched. Then they asked to rehearse the kiss again. I politely go “sure.” Something dawned on me; they’re enjoying making out way too much.

By the time, they performed the scene for my class; there was a certain passion I don’t typically see on stage. It then dawned on me; I think these two just fell in love.

Six years later, Will and Jenna dated and are getting married this coming weekend. Little did, I know my directorial debut would lead to marriage. I haven’t fulfilled anymore of Yenta duties. However, If I start singing “matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match” they may comeback to me.

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  1. What a sweet story. You may have some matchmaking skills, after all….

    – K.

    • Thanks very much. I still carry my Yenta card. Funny enough, I have friends who are always playing Yenta for me.

  2. Love!!!!! (and I was a matchmaker for a couple back in college and they are still married!!!)

    • Thanks. Sounds like my similar to me in college. I’m excited to go to their wedding this weekend. I’m preparing the speech as we speak.


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