Ear Candy

When I slip in the runway of life, music is there to pick me up. Amazing tunes can make a gloomy day, bright and cheerful.

My ears revel in the sweet sounds of pop, rock, new wave, jazz and even hip-hop. Something finally inspired me to drop the earphones.

It was a chilly autumn evening in New York. The leaves were a distinct hue of gold and orange. While, the city reveled in a cold front, I took a walk on the Upper West Side.

That evening, I too enjoyed the chill, but felt blue. My walk was an attempt to elevate my low mood levels. As, I walked on Amsterdam Avenue ; my ears were mesmerized by the sound of piano playing. The persistent melody grew stronger, the closer I was to it.

Revelers had their ears glued to the back of the Beacon theatre. The voice sound familiar. “I wonder who it is?” I thought to myself. Walking to the Beacon’s Broadway entrance, I looked up at the marquis. It was Elton John.

A simple stroll led to unexpectedly hearing a music icon play live. The experience brightened up my mood. I returned to my apartment with a craving to hear “tiny dancer” on my iPOD. When one has a tough day, listening to music is better than candy.

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  1. Elton John???? Niiiice!!!! I’m still standing…… Yeah yeah yeah….

  2. Oh yes. I love that song. Thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂


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