The Stoop

The roar of the subway echoed through my apartment like Pavarotti’s voice at an opera house. The lights were dim and then the subway’s penetrating yet soothing sounds diminished as a pebble hit my window. I didn’t think much of it and continued my dream of marrying a prince and living in a palace.

Suddenly, a second pebble hits my window. “Anthony come down to the stoop for a cigarette.” I look out my window and there are the smiling faces of my neighbors Doug and Lauren. My dreams of being a queen diminished for an opportunity to partake in laughs and coughing out a lung or two.

I put on my winter coat and to stoop land I go. Our stoop wasn’t just a set of staircases leading the front door of our building, but a gathering place for our neighbors. We had BBQs, ate pierogis and conversed, creating a great sense of community.

When I would come home from work tired or having a rough day, my Doug, Lauren and Tony would be waiting. They had a pack of American spirits and coffee ready to go. Having a support system makes living in the city even more magical. Stoops are also an inexpensive ways to enjoy life.

One of my favorite free forms of entertainment in expensive New York is walking the West Village. The charming cafes, old bookstores, enchanting coffee shops, dive bars, mix of students, Marc Jacobs clad house moms, old people, gays, post collegiate bankers trying to pull off the boho chic look and tourists make up the neighborhood’s character.

However, nothing is more quintessentially Greenwich Village than brownstone apartments characterized by imposing stoops. Charles, Bank and Perry streets are leafy have some of the most amazing stoops in the city. Villagers don’t frequent the stoop as often.

However, my dream would be to live in another building with a stoop, specifically in the West Village. To re-create my fun times drinking coffee and dreaming about big things to come in New York would be heavenly. I love forming family units in my neighborhood and the stoop is always the perfect place to accomplish that goal.

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