Wind Tunnel Effect

In the far reaches of Manhattan along the West Side highway is Chelsea Piers. It’s the sporty urbanite’s refuge. Care for a game of golf? The pier has that. Want to play some baseball? Congrats you’re in luck. Forget what Jersey looks like? Don’t worry; the piers have panoramic views of the garden state.

Being a sporting complex, I didn’t ever venture into it. Sports & I go together like pickles in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. One faithful winter’s evening, I made the trek to the Chelsea Piers. Nicole and I were going to see Frankie and his brother play soccer.

The wind tunnel effect took place as icy cold winds penetrated through our layers of clothes. Suddenly, the sound of a typewriter typing away echoed through the buildings. It was our teeth.

We arrived at the sports complex. We gabbed away while watching the soccer match. Every time, Frankie’s team scored a goal, we cheered and then went back to gabbing. It was fun showing my buddy support, but sitting through a sporting event wasn’t really my thing.

A year later, I returned to the piers. This time, I joined my friend Natalia. We had a drink and went to go see her then beau’s hockey game. I hesitated going with the fear that boredom would grab me by the neck. She convinced me to go.

We got off the cab and were surrounded by a bevy of handsome men ready to play hockey. Oh my, I kept it cool. However, the immature 20 something was excited for endless eye candy.

After taking our seats, Natalia and I observed the game. The testosterone filled the stadium as men fought to the death for that hockey puck. I then realized ” wow, watching hockey isn’t half bad.” We actually had a nice time in the end. I have no idea who won the game. However, there’s something appealing about burly men showing raw masculinity for all to enjoy.

I don’t plan on taking a sport, unless drinking vast amounts of coffee counts. Typically, I shied away from sports, preferring to undertake artistic endeavors. However, like drinking green tea, watching sports is swell every once in a while.

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