The Antarctica Effect

I collect sweaters, cardigans and coats. There is one for every occasion. From going to the office to dinner to the museum, my sweaters are my constant companions. My favorite place to walk in the whole world is (not trying to be too obvious here) New York.

The transition period between summer and autumn produces some of the most confusing weather. If you walk on the shady side of the street, it feels chilly. The sunny side is considerably warmer. My sweaters (like myself at fifteen) just want to come out of the closet and enjoy walking the city sidewalks.

This past autumn, I was rather confused about what to wear. Therefore, I mapped areas in the city where air conditioning was widely used. The usual suspects came to mind, Barnes and Nobel, coffee shops and Whole Foods. However, I can’t sit all day and rather enjoy my walks.

While hanging out at one of my favorite bookshops in Nolita, I walked out into extreme humidity. I was schvitizing up a storm, while wearing an entirely black outfit. However, I needed to let out some energy. So, I decided to walk to Soho.

Something quite shocking happened while strolling Prince Street. This blast of Arctic air was flowing from the open door of a shop. As I walked further up Prince, the cold Antarctica air spewed from more shops. Suddenly, my romantic encounter with good old-fashioned New York humidity was gone. The cold air provided a superb relief for my wardrobe and I. After my lovely walk through Soho, I sat at one of my Downtown benches.

I successfully took a walk without looking like I took a power jog. Most of all, it was just fun to be hanging out Downtown with all it’s energy and great people watching. The shops are quite pretty and I especially fancy their high tech air conditioning system.

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  1. all our good days

     /  October 10, 2012

    Having to take a sweater everywhere I go in the US in the middle of summer is something I don’t miss as much as things like Fig Newtons… Your article on sweaters has brought back a memory of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, a program I loved as a child. Italian children’s TV, like so many other things, just doesn’t compare to things back home!

  2. Thanks very much! I used to watch Mr. Rogers as well. It sparked an interest in trains and cardigans . I adored all those PBS programs growing up.


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