The Waldorf Astoria

Back in the day, I used to walk eighty blocks a day in Manhattan. I would make time to go from the East Village to the Upper East Side, simply for the enjoyment of walking.

Unlike most places, New York has some of the most exciting street life. It never grows boring. When I wander New York these days, I have to make a mental map of possible places to stop and use the bathroom.

There are a healthy amount of Starbucks and hotels to enjoy a peaceful bathroom break. However, lines build and it can become daunting. Recently, I was wondering around Midtown East with a friend. I had a couple too many cups of coffee at brunch. We were by the Plaza hotel yet I couldn’t find their public toilet.

I told my friend, the infamous last words “I am just gonna hold it.” I did. We walked through Fifth Avenue and took 50th street to Park Avenue. My friend wanted to go to the Waldorf Astoria, since he’s an architecture enthusiast.

The Waldorf Astoria is where I would hang out when I was alone on a holiday or couldn’t afford the movies. I loved sitting there in the grand dame of old New York hotels and people watch. It made me forget about the fact that I was broke, even though I was in fancy schmancy land. My buddy told me ” You should check out the bathroom here. It’s quite nice.”

“Oh that’s right, I had to pee.” I excused myself and walked to the men’s room. The bathroom like the hotel complimented its art deco architecture. Everything was white marble and black.

I am certain F. Scott Fitzgerald and Cole Porter were at one point equally amused by the art deco/jazzy vibe of the bathroom. It screamed opulent. Afterwards, I felt relieved and thought to myself ” I didn’t know using the toilet could be such an enchanting experience.”

I have to say not all my bathroom experiences in the city have been as deligthful. However, the Waldorf still retains a charm and nostalgia. Therefore, it’s the place to go and pee while walking around Midtown.

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