East Sixth Street

I love Indian food. Growing up, my mother was obsessed with curries, Naan bread and mango lassies. At a very young age, I didn’t quite appreciate the joys of delving into exotic cuisine. I’d have two bites of my mom’s chicken tikka masala and beg for McDonald’s.

However, on a trip to London, I gave Indian food a shot. At an unassuming restaurant in Covent Garden, I fell in love. The flavors exploded like fireworks for my taste buds. I adored the taste of curry and soon went from ordering mild to medium curries.

In New York, I frequented East Sixth Street in the East Village. It’s also known as curry road. There I would sample a smorgasbord of regional Indian cuisines.

I recently had dinner in curry lane with friends. Adriana ordered her chicken tikka masala extra spicy. I thought to myself, “Oh I love spicy food, I’ll also order it extra spicy.” When my dish arrived, the smells left me breathless in joy. I broke a piece of Naan bread and began to feast.

The first bites of the dish had a wonderful creamy texture and then the kicker. As I chewed further, the spice from the curry intensified. I wore a most proper outfit that evening. Soon, I was drenched. I had to constantly dry my forehead.

Adriana was more comfortable with the intense spiciness. My mouth was on fire, but I couldn’t stop eating. It tasted magnificently. I took the last bite, which further intensified the internal heat wave feeling. However, it was well worth it. Regardless of spice, Indian remains one of my favorite cuisines.

Living in a big city like New York exposes one to a United Nations of cuisines. One doesn’t have to travel far distances to have an authentic taste of any country, when it’s in one of the five boroughs.

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  1. Indian food is my favorite too. Given the rainy weather in NYC today I’ll be cooking my first meal here: chicken curry. I’ve been to curry hill, guess I have to check out curry road now. Thanks for the info.

  2. Gotta love the spice! Covent Garden I’ve heard has some of the best Indian in London. I’ve been but didn’t indulge while I was there regrettably. Also, great blog title! 🙂

  3. Thanks Hailey. I love your blog title too!

  4. Isn’t London is the best place for Indian food! I love the name of your blog by the way; wonderful!

  5. Thanks very much. I love London’s Indian food scene. It’s my comfort food especially when I am in the U.K.


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