Bagel Daydreams

You literally can’t find a proper bagel outside New York City. The world is infested with bagel imitators, but alas none can compare to the real deal. Brooklyn Bagels in Queens and Chelsea is home to my favorite bagel. I would wake up every morning have a whole-wheat bagel smeared with scallion cream cheese and a coffee. Somehow I kept my boyish figure.

Recently, I woke up to torrential New York rain. It was more intense than the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the shore. That particular morning, I had an intense bagel craving and became a man on a mission. I was going to have a Brooklyn bagel.

Stepping into the rain soaked Upper West Side sidewalks didn’t hinder my goal. I propped open my umbrella and walked toward the subway. Wearing a buttoned up shirt, I left my sweater and blazer behind. The1 train station had the heat intensity of diving into a big bowl of pea soup. I was schvitizing intensely, but kept my spirits up.

As I rode the 1 train down to 23rd street, images of a big doughy bagel played in my head. I kept fantasizing about the taste and the warm smooth coffee that went along with it. Excitedly, I exited the subway station feeling quite excited. Suddenly, I started running for my life.

Torrential rain hit 23rd street. I had one big block to go. The rain intensified. My shirt was drenched and pants were wet in the wrong spots. A bunch of New Yorkers also tried to find refuge from the rain underneath scaffolding.

I was wet and the pea soup effect permeated the air. However, I thought to myself ” I came all this way for a bagel, just to get rained on?” After a few minutes, the people left the safety nest of the scaffolding and weathered the tough as nails New York sidewalk.

Fuck staying dry, it was time to play in the rain and have a delicious bagel. Even with terrible weather, I successfully achieved my bagel goal. The bagel tasted delicious, warm, and chewy. The coffee perfectly complimented it.  My bagel escapade is a very New York experience.

Life in the city can be rough. However, New York always has something exciting in store, if we’re willing to travel through harsh rain to get there.

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  1. all our good days

     /  October 2, 2012

    I love the atmosphere you’ve created in this post. I miss real bagels from back home, although nothing is like the real deal in NY. In Milan, we have a new and small Italian bakery chain called The Bagel Factory. They are made on site and even if they aren’t exactly the same as back home, they’re pretty good imitations and I’ll take them.

  2. Thanks very much. Bagels are the food I get most homesick for. I lived around the best bagel shop in NYC and kept on a budget by eating bagels everyday. Bagels in Milan sound exotic. I’m glad to know the bagel is jet setting around the world. 🙂

  3. I miss Columbia Bagels, which is now Times Square Bagels. Now it’s Absolute Bagels for us. The nice thing is that you don’t have to go too far to get a great bagel in NYC! 😉


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