Lost in London

The clock strikes 3 am in California. I don’t have anywhere to power walk. In fact, I must put on a whole lavish Broadway production to keep myself entertained. Insomnia is not my friend. That’s why I love the big cities of the world; I could take walks at 3 am and even grab a coffee.

On my most recent trip to London, I arrived with a ton of energy. London is one of my favorite places in the world. It brings back wonderful memories. I love the vibe, fashion, history and culture. On my first night back in London, I took the tube to Camden Town. I had a wonderful time, enjoying trivia night at the pub with a beer and steak sandwich.

After a fun night out in one of my favorite London neighborhoods, I returned to my hotel in Bayswater. I spent the night trying to figure out which BBC channel to watch. However, I could watch the telly at home. Therefore, I put on my pea coat and went out on a walk.

The air was crisp and cold. It was very refreshing. I took Bayswater road up, walking in touristy Queensway. Then ended up in a collection of architectural styles. Suddenly, my late night walk took me to the maze of streets known as Notting Hill.

It’s a slice of London, which brings me back wonderful memories. I remember taking walks with my mom on Portobello Road. Bright candy colored homes, the quirky antique shops and art galleries remind me of our simple days wondering the neighborhood.

To accidentally end up in Notting Hill was a real treat. I walked along Westbourne Grove with its handsome blocks of white stucco homes. Everything was as lovely as I remembered it. I rocked out to my iPod, but noticed it was running out of juice. Therefore, it was time to find Notting Hill Gate and return to my hotel.

However, every street I took up toward Notting Hill Gate led to nowhere. I would take another street up and ended up in another dead end. The neighborhood was practically empty and no map to be found. I used my instincts and searched for the road back to the hotel. Then flashback, Notting Hill is lovely, but ranks as one of the easiest neighborhoods to get lost in London.

As a typical man, I didn’t ask anyone for directions, just continued to get lost in the maze of streets. I saw a few cabs drive by, but still insisted on using my instincts. As my iPod battery ran out, I caved in and hailed a cab. As we drove out of Notting Hill into Bayswater, I realized how deeply lost I was.

My bit of cardiovascular exercise for the night was a treat. Getting lost made me realize, that even guys like me with a great sense of direction need help sometimes. Nothing beats getting lost in London, since there’s always something interesting to look at.

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