From A Bus Window

In New York, I typically took the subway as opposed to cabs and the buses. It was just quicker, even though I didn’t get the magnificent views, which the city has to offer. When I wanted to just go to the office or apartment, scenery did not matter much.

When my friend Nicole moved to the city temporarily, she was eager to see all the sights. New York never left me quite so jaded. So when Nicole wanted to take the bus everywhere to better understand Manhattan I obliged.

We usually, took the 2nd Avenue bus downtown. It was fun seeing parts of Manhattan, I would ignore including Murray Hill and Gramercy Park. Soon, we would go to meet ups on Park Avenue South, grocery shopping in Union Square and coffee in the East Village all on the bus. The subway began to feel more like a foreign place.

No matter how many times, we passed the Flatiron Building, Union Square and Grand Central Station, the appeal of New York never faded. I didn’t give up the subway, but I learned with a little patience and spare time I could have a laid back experience in frenetically paced New York.

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