Friday nights growing up in the 90’s revolved around trips to Costco with my parents. We always bought a huge pizza and brought it home. I’d eat pizza, put on some funky film like Pulp Fiction and lower the volume on the TV down to zero.

I’d then turn on the radio. Friday nights were special. It was the 80’s music marathon on the local radio station. I took out a fresh blank tape from my backpack, slipped it into the radio and waited for a cool song to come on. When that special song came on, I waited for the announcer to stop talking and boom, hit record.

I would then close my eyes as Durran Durran, the Pet Shop Boys, Thompson Twins and Adam Ant would take me away to London in the 80’s. In my head, I was on the top of a double-decker bus in the grey. With the only color being that of the funky hairdos and outrageous outfits of 80’s London. As the song faded, there were commercial breaks. This meant I could sneak in a slice of pizza.

When the music returned it played even more fun tunes. Dramarama’s “anything anything,” “living on video” by Trans-X and Blondie’s “heart of glass” were some of my all time favorite songs, featured on my mix tape. These songs along with all the British new wave, 90’s staples like the Cranberries and hip-hop were a part of the soundtrack of my youth.

In my junior year of college, my friend Holly introduced me to the iPod. I marveled at it and quickly purchased one of my own. I still had the mix tapes at home. However, after a year I gave them up and recreated the soundtrack of my youth through the iPod.

Today, tapes like vinyl records are a source of fascination. Many youngsters will never understand the magic behind the rewind button. However, those of us who grew up with mix tapes, will forever remember the joy found when that song we longed for finally came on the radio and with the record button, it became ours.

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