Fresh Frozen Food

I avoid frozen food like the plague. As a major foodie, I have a hard time seeing my chicken fried steak dinner covered in ice and thawed with the microwave. However, thanks to not being a chef, I’ve had to enjoy the frozen dinner. I do have a couple favorite microwavable foods.

Mama Celeste pizzas are divine. I know that they’re not the healthiest, but the pizzas have a nostalgic after school taste to them. This derives from my mom not wanting to cook dinner and feeding me what was convenient, Mama Celeste pizza.

In restaurants, one would never expect to see a microwave, especially not in Madrid, Spain. The capital is revered for its food scene. Although, tapas son el rey (tapas are king), there are small hidden restaurants, which use innovative techniques to broaden Spanish staples. One restaurant served venison cooked with traditional Spanish ingredients. Eating Bambi wasn’t much of a guilt trip and the dessert was especially unique. It was a clear colored gelatin with cinnamon powdered on top.

After a night of innovative, I longed for a night of old school Spanish flavors. Puerta del Sol is the Piccadilly Circus of Madrid. In fact, seeing the neon outdoor ad for Tio Pepe (prominently situated), a brand of cherry, officially announces, “you have arrived in Madrid.” There weren’t a ton of tourists in Puerta del Sol when I was there

I walked into a two-story restaurant. The waiter handed me a menu and the Paella caught my eye (saffron rice with various seafood and meats). I ordered it.

In the corner of my eye, I could see the waiter putting the paella plate in the microwave. I was astonished and nearly fell out of my chair. They delivered the dish and I was not pleased. It tasted ok. However, I was traumatized by the thought of my dish ever seeing the artificial lights of a microwave. I didn’t eat paella for a while.

It’s one of those dishes that taste delicious, but not everyone knows how to make it. The best I had was at a tapas bar in London. Madrid gave me memorable tastes and made me keenly aware of the microwave. However, I still fondly remember all the croquets and Jamon Iberico, while dismissing my paella encounter.

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