Waiting For Fall

Daydreaming of autumn leaves, matzo ball soup and scarfs commences in the heat of a subway station. There I am at the West 4th station in the intense heat, having one hot flash after another. I have a fancy Japanese fan and an iced latte from Starbucks. However, the heat persists. There is a redeeming beam of light, it’s the F train. As I grow in anticipation, the train arrives. I step in the car. The soothing chill of artificial air rushes through my sweaty, but adorable outfit.

Summer is the muggy subway station, while fall is the air-conditioned car. Yes, summer is miserable. New York summers always equated hibernating in the living room with my cool roommate and the one fancy to referring to as Darth Vader. I am Princess Lea, of course. We would lounge in the one part of the apartment with air conditioning, the living room. Darth Vader and I didn’t get along, as expected. Some nights were like the first Star Wars film. Other nights were a combination Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. No lasers or robots were harmed in the making of this New York moment. While the force was with me in that living room, the rest of the city remained hot, but magical.

Although, humidity is sticky and attracts mosquitos, the men are out in full force. I have great memories of meeting a cute guy at cheesy bar in Chelsea, making out and going on a date that night.

He ate half my grilled cheese, but looked so cute doing it. With the hot weather, neither one of us wanted to go back to our heat induced homes. Therefore, we would sit at Union Square and watch the sunrise. However, as in any great fairy tale, my Prince Charming had to dash back to Long Island, before he turned into cannoli.

Other positives of New York summers include the Mr. Softie ice cream trucks (although grossly overpriced), shirtless guys from Astoria Park to the great lawn in Central Park and plenty of excuses to go out, since everywhere is cooler than one’s own humble abode.

When the chill finally hits the air and the first orange autumn leaves fall, I secretly do a little happy dance in my head. Scarfs adorn my neck. Tweed coats keep me fashionable. Pumpkin spice lattes warm the senses. Matzo ball, egg drop, New England clam chowder, chicken noodle and lobster bisque soup satisfies my inner foodie. If I am feeling a bit adventurous, an Irish coffee will forever make my liver smile.

When waiting for summer to end, be patient. The train to orange leaves, matzo ball soup and pumpkin spice is arriving any minute. Sit back listen to your iPod and sip that iced latte in anticipation.

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  1. I am a Japanese and ever since I watched Sesame Street on TV when I was a small kid, the US has been my dream land and ever since a professor (an American, from NYC) told me, “if you live in NYC for a year, anybody can be an artist,” NYC is the place of my dream. Twenty some years have passed ever since, I visited NYC 20 years ago and this year, too. I am still in love with the city! So, I really enjoy your essay about the city I love especially you describe it so well that I really feel as if I was right there. Thank you.

  2. Thanks very much. I appreciate the kind words. New York is the most exciting place. Everyday is a different adventure and I love the vibe. I definitely recommend it as a place to live.


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