How To Catch A Fish

Fishing, the one sport nobody could see me doing. I enjoy sushi, fish n’ chips wrapped in a newspaper and scallops. Thanks to a friendly fisherman, sea life has been reincarnated in my tummy.

Seafood is lovely. However, I never thought about catching a fish. Images of sitting in a boat, dressed in flannel while armed with a fishing pole in a lake dazzled my imagination. More dazzling would be to catch fish and impressing my friends back home with a filet.

When I worked for Judy. She always built teamwork. Through wonderful lunches around Manhattan’s many ethnic eateries and field trips, we built a bond. One such field trip brought us to a Sheephead’s Bay, Brooklyn. Unlike the quintessential notions of Brooklyn, which include brownstones, bagel shops and diners, Sheephead’s Bay has always been little Odessa/Russia.

The shops, restaurants, nightclubs and markets all cater to the Russian community. It’s less a part a Brooklyn and more a missing link to Moscow. Sheephead’s Bay has a vast waterfront. I met Judy and a few of my co-workers on an old boat. Our mission was to go fishing and connect as a team.

Like Brooklyn, the boat was old, but filled to the brim with charm. Judy brought us a big bucket of KFC, which provided the perfect lunch. The boat set sail into the Brooklyn waters. Fishing in an urban environment felt a bit culture shocking. There was the smell of seawater and feeling of relative isolation. However, looking into the distance and seeing the Empire State Building reminded me that we were in New York City.

I put my fishing pole into the ocean. The fishermen were enthusiastic about catching the best fish of the day. Judy put some bait on my fishing pole and into the ocean it went. I just sat there, but really wanted a piece of chicken. So, I left the fishing pole behind and devoured another huge piece of fried chicken.

Judy wanted to make sure I tried harder at fishing. She assisted me in the process. Back to fishing I went. No luck, I ate more fried chicken. I walked into the interior of the boat. Something odd happened. I tried to resist sleep, but the combination of the boat rocking slowly back and forth and food coma equated an unexpected nap.

I took a lengthy nap during the fishing trip. My other co-workers passed out too. I didn’t get the hang of fishing, but we had so much fun bonding as friends and doing something out of the ordinary. Trying out fishing again would be fun. I’ll just eat less fried chicken next time.

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  1. I love to fish myself, you just have to be patient and go to a place more apt to have fish that are not onto your plans. It would be great if you could find a quieter spot in the country. The first time you catch a fish is pretty awesome! Do I take the fish off the hook? No, that job is for my boyfriend. You are exactly right,bonding with the others you are fishing with is the best part. 🙂


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