The Pigeons Of London

Pigeons flock to London like David Bowie to a microphone. They nestle themselves in the capital’s most lavish squares and leafy parks. London birdies love tourists and especially fancy carbohydrates. Although, these pigeons are a serene sight in the grey London skies, they still are a most aggressive group.

One hazy and chilly London afternoon, I took a break from museum hoping to enjoy a sandwich. I bought a big New Yorker sandwich at Pret-A-Manger. The restaurant was packed, so I took my Yank inspired creation with a cappuccino to a bench in near by Marble Arch. I was dressed in a distinctive blue pea coat with a grey sweater, looking quite proper for London standards.

I opened up my sandwich, which was oozing with mustard and meat. A pigeon flocked to me. How adorable I thought. Another pigeon arrived, followed by more feathery friends. I bit into my sandwich. They politely circled around me (it is London after all). I was reliving a moment from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” as a flock of pigeons vied for my lunch. They hoped I would drop a crumb or even the whole sandwich.

Unfortunately, for them I just continued munching. They flew around me, flapping their wings loudly. However, I didn’t budge. My bench, the sandwich and I were going to commence bravely. The birds persisted. In, the end I won the battle. Victoriously, I left my beloved bench for the tube and more London adventures.

Birds may flock together. However, I won the battle of the New York sandwich. Lesson learned, eat in a cafe away from attacking pigeons. However, graceful birds flock when it comes to food, they become quite aggressive.

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