Protests are life’s interpretation of free theatre. There is a cast of characters with a goal to make their voices heard. Than there is the opposition (who ever they maybe) who just wants them to shut up. Both sides battle vigorously. Going out and standing up for what you believe is a dizzying and often intimidating task. However, it’s one that must be done.

In society we all want to be well liked and make people happy to a certain degree. Protestors go out and put their liberties on the line to make a point. Throughout the years, I have witnessed an anti-fur protest outside Barney’s New York on the Upper East Side, joined a parade of marchers through Union Square to protest prop 8 and even snapped photos of the campgrounds of Occupy Wall Street in moderately conservative Riverside, CA.

Growing up a gay teen in a highly conservative environment taught me the value of standing up for my belief system and myself. People criticized everything about me. I didn’t want to sell out to make someone else happy. So, I continued not being well liked and that’s ok.

My teen years transformed me into a politically active adult. I helped out my causes by volunteering. The art of volunteering time is a great way to help get your belief system out there. Not only are you making a difference in one’s perspective community, but also meeting like-minded people.

We Americans love a good protest. Someone speaking up for their cause impacted everything from Women’s suffrage to The Civil Rights Movement, positively. Reading and keeping up with what’s going on in our world opens the mind. It inspires one to go out and stand up for something.

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  1. this was good to read, i need to remember this. sometimes i’m so passionate about what i believe {because it’s good FOR EVERYONE!} that i get frustrated if people hold on to their old beliefs. it’s not that i’m saying i’m RIGHT, it’s just that i wish we could all let go of what separates us. but i have to remember that i can be active and involved and not seem naggy. my roommate is always telling me to be an activist haha 🙂

  2. beautifully written!always stand up for who you are and don’t stop writing about whatever you keep close to your heart!!!bonjour from paris:]


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