A Slice Of Americana

Like a proper Norman Rockwell painting, football is quintessentially American. For those of us on the right brain/arty side of life, it was the one sport, which we despised the most. It represented the quintessential jock image, which is often associated with arrogance.

During my youth, I drifted into a world of art and drama. However, my high school wanted to ensure I take part in some physical activity. So, I was forced into P.E. class. Our teacher’s favorite sport was football. The boys loved it. I thought it was okay. Secretly, I loved watching it on TV. Hot guys running around, tackling each other with high testosterone levels is much better than sitting through three hours of My Fair Lady.

They saw me just wandering the field one day, not really caring if I caught a ball or not. One of my classmates suggested throwing me the ball. Yeah, that was a great decision. So I rolled my eyes and they tossed me the ball. As predicted, the second I caught the ball, I was tackled to the ground by this huge 6 foot something guy. Not only did he tackle me, but swung me around first. I didn’t want to let go of the ball. Finally, we both fell in puddle of mud and he ended up grabbing the ball. They continued their game, no hard feelings. It was just a friendly game of football in P.E. class.

Although, I never attended an actual football game, watching it at the pub can be fun. With the new season starting season, I have an excuse to eat Buffalo wings and drink beer. I just watch it, since it has men running around. I don’t root for a certain team or get emotional. However, I have a good time enjoying America’s favorite pass time with a bunch of men folk (of course).

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