A Foodie in New York

Living in a blizzard means two things you are craving a box of coffee cake or booze to keep warm, of course. Like any good New Yorker, I always went to work even on a blizzard. Of course, I couldn’t see a damn thing, but a curious smell woke me up first thing in the morning.

The sweet smell of bread baking is one of the world’s great scents. My apartment in Queens was around the corner from a mom n’ pop’s bakery. They always had simple, but splendid dessert displays in their windows. The aroma was intoxicating. Therefore, I grabbed a chocolate croissant & a small coffee. It woke me up on the walk to the subway & the journey to Times Square for work.

My life in New York revolved around food. There were the pizzerias, bagel joints, New York style Chinese &  egg cream. These foods & establishments were so New Yawk, that you could almost hear the bagel proclaim ” ah fuhgettaboutit.” My friend Jenny was my coffee buddy. We always met up & would enjoy a big up of java together. While pondering the big questions of life, we proceeded to hit every bakery on Manhattan’s East Side.

She always walked in, sniffed around & asked for free samples. They always had some sample. She felt satisfied with a sample of a freshly baked strudel. However, the sample just increased my hunger. By the time we hit the Upper East Side, I couldn’t resist any longer. We hit a gourmet market & I ordered a quiche, which had the most explosive taste of crust, ham & cheese.

If the quiche weren’t enough, we then went to the chichi Marc Jacobs clad moms with expensive baby-strollers cupcake shop. Jenny had a small sample cupcake; I bought myself the very large red velvet. I didn’t even wait to eat it at home; it came right out of the bag & made a lovely snack while walking along the Upper East Side’s brownstone blocks.

Get me near a cupcake shop, freshly baked croissants & cheesecake, my jaw drops. I have a sweet tooth & very proud of foodie status in life. Don’t get me wrong I love a bowl of fruit, but I’d rather have the red velvet cupcake with a big coffee. I like to call it stimulation for the sweet tooth.

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