A Brooklyn Daydream

Living the world’s most exciting life is my life goal. Boredom is an enemy I like to defeat. Luckily, I’m an only child & have found creative ways to keep myself entertained. Curiosity about the world has always driven me to travel & move around.

I loved going to the Lower East Side, walking around, grabbing a crepe & even seeing a concert a the cake shop (cool coffee shop with old rock posters & basement for concerts). One sunny November afternoon, I strolled along Delancy Street. Of course, the Williamsburg Bridge is a centerpiece of the busy & gritty sidewalk. It links Downtown Manhattan to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Curiosity tempted me. I’ve never walked across any of New York’s many bridges. However, my comfort zone kept saying, “just stay in the city & hang out downtown.” Then I just decided to walk across the bridge & have an experience in an old familiar place.

I adore Brooklyn. Walking through Prospect Park, the brownstones of Park Slope & even that special moment when the F train elevates above ground with spectacular views are all quintessential Brooklyn.

Therefore, I buttoned up my pea coat to shield myself from the heavy winds coming from the East River. The voyage commenced. The Empire & Chrysler building smiled back at me as I passed joggers, fellow walkers & even a tourist or two. I pumped up some artsy sounding music on my iPod as the cold winds intensified.

I made it to Williamsburg. It was quiet. When I touched down on Brooklyn soil, I was finally able to say I walked to New York’s largest borough. Williamsburg is hipster central. Hipsters are not my favorite subculture, but it’s a fun neighborhood to be if one is looking for escapism from the skyscrapers & intensity of Midtown.

From the bridge, I quickly found my way to Bedford Avenue (the neighborhood’s popular main drag). So, I walked around, had some coffee, people watched & checked out the record stores, which sold vinyl records. I took the L train back to the City, but felt very at peace. It was lovely to do something new in an old familiar place.

Moving back to California was very similar to walking to Brooklyn. Of course, California is an old familiar place for me. Toward my last year in New York, I was tempted to move back to the West Coast. However, the allure of New York City, its hectic lifestyle, hip fashion, bookshops, amazing food & public transportation centric culture kept me put.

One day, I kept thinking something amazing is out west. The curiosity inspired me to spontaneously book my plane ticket back to California. Of course, it’s been quite a journey becoming acculturated to California again. After all, I left it for the many things that made New York so alluring. However, I wanted to develop my career & reinvent myself.

I ended up working at an advertising firm & found my calling in copywriting. Nowadays, I’m going to school to become a copywriter. My days & weekends are spent coming up with advertising campaigns for my future portfolio. I couldn’t be happier. The art of writing interests me a great deal. I couldn’t imagine life without the thesaurus or dictionary for new words to utilize.

Walking from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn displayed the beauty of New York. It gave me something to add to the book of life experiences. Same thing with moving back to the West Coast from the East, I found a new career to explore & experiences to treasure.

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