Outside The Box

New York City & its grey skies reflect an old soul. Rain is a common occurrence. When the sky sheds a few tears, something beautiful happens, art. While walking from Washington Square Park to Union Square, I noticed something beautiful. The sidewalks dried up and left street art. There was a watermark in the shape of the Japan. It caught my attention more than the handsome apartment blocks along Fifth Avenue.

From there on, rain meant one thing, the opportunity for unexpected art to appear. Certainly, beautiful art doesn’t have to be observed at the Museum of Modern Art or the Louvre. It’s graffiti on the side of a building, a row of orange colored Arm & Hammer boxes at Target & even cherries melting on a mountain of cheesecake. Since my encounter with the very beautiful rain soaked art, it’s been a mission to find more of it.

After a shower, I love to observe the different shapes of the water drops. Most of the time, they are in the shape of countries like France & the United Kingdom. Sometimes, the shapes give me a surprise & they show someone’s distinct side profile. Then there are the more unexpected forms of art, which don’t always occur in the shower or the sidewalk. Spilling coffee on my light blue messenger bag, created a bevy of stains.

One stain in particular ended up in the shape of the South American continent. As it dried up, it looked like Texas & then morphed into a slice of watermelon.

Art is all around us. Admiring the shape of clouds, raindrops splattered on a sidewalk & even autumn leaves with its golden yellow & red colors makes for an outdoors museum experience. The outdoors is where the observer really makes the decision on what constitutes art, since nothing is hanging in a museum.

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