The Art Of A New York Moment

Giant snow flakes blinding the pupil while walking in Tribeca. Roller bladders, street musicians & people watchers enjoying Central Park’s spring awakening. Drag queens all dolled up on the N train going to (appropriately) Queens. These make up some of my favorite New York moments. I like to call New York, my masters in the school of life.

It’s a tough town, where everyday exposes one to different obstacles & solutions to overcome them. In my last couple months in the city, I took a temp job working in the fashion industry as administrative assistant. I was helping out my friend Krystin, who just had surgery.

Fashion has always interested me. Living in the world’s fashion capital & also reading about street style in different magazines tickled my fancy. The chance to work in fashion even for a short stint sounded simply exciting. Arriving at the office, I was quickly put to work.

I made coffee, copies, delivered mail & answered phones. Most memorably, I sat & cut fabric samples for future fashion lines. I was culture shocked to discover how many hues of black, red & grey existed in fashion land. Although, not designing the collection, I still enjoyed the environment & the people.

One assignment left me completely baffled. Yes, the infamous putting boxes together job. I sat in a room full of clothes. Some were going to sample sales, while others were going to factory outlets. I had to box them all. However, I didn’t understand how to put a box together. It seemed daunting.

Like any proper preppy boy, I went outside for a good cry. There I was walking on Park Avenue South in the dead of winter. Working hard to not cry, so my face wouldn’t freeze over from the tears remained my mission. I called my dear friend Judy, who I’ve always turned to for life advice.

She told ” you didn’t go to school to put boxes together & you need to laugh at your situation.” Her words truly spoke to me. Finding humor in the midst of stress was truly monumental. I let go of the panic button, walked to the office with a brave face & got back to work. When asked about the boxes, I just giggled  “I don’t really get it, how to put them together,” responding to their question.

Luckily, I ended up getting help on my boxes assignment. It ended up being a wonderful day, especially thanks to my new humorous outlook. I stayed at the fashion company, till my move to California.

Honestly, I still don’t know to put a box together & that’s okay. I’ve mastered the art of laughing at myself & finding the humor the most stressful of situations. It’s also the key to surviving in New York (or anywhere in the world) turning a negative situation into a positive one.

This counts as one of my favorite New York moments. In fact, my whole life back in the city feels like a movie with an utterly entertaining cast of characters.

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