Flying Buttons

My shirt button swayed back & forth like a boat docked in a harbor. Fourth of July BBQs are big with my very colorful family. This year we enjoyed deviled eggs, empanadas, burgers, hot dogs & a smorgasbord of pies all served a la mode.  Unfortunately, my shirt felt tight. The button looked like it was about to fly out. Had to inhale & slowly exhale to keep the button from jet setting out into the galaxy.

This is not a unique experience. I’m a foodie. However, there were the dark ages. Yes, the times, I went to dinner & uttered those notorious words ” I’m just gonna have a salad.” Ironic, since so many of my most wonderful memories revolve around eating. Many wonderful trips have turned into foodie expeditions.

Tokyo noodle bars are simple & delicious. The slurping sounds were like jazz music to my ears. While, noodles satisfied my savory tooth, the kitschy crepe stands satisfied my sweet tooth. I can still taste the Nutella, strawberries & whip cream in that warm crepe.

While in Buenos Aires, dinners with my dad were very memorable. The delicious steaks, Italian fare & all the dulce de leche gave me an appreciation for Argentinian cooking. Some of my other most memorable eating experiences include pizza for breakfast everyday in Rome. I had escargot for the first time in Paris. London has given me many memorable food experiences from amazing Paella to magnificent Indian food.

With this wealth of food love, one would think I would open myself to the world beyond salad. Back in New York, I decided that there were too many wonderful food options to stick to leaves with a little dressing. So, I indulged. I ventured into so many wonderful restaurants. I love the soup dumplings from Joe’s Shanghai; pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s deli & the bagels from Brooklyn Bagel are the best I’ve ever had.

Now, on the West Coast, everything is a bit more health conscious & it would’ve been easy to eat overly healthy. Especially in Santa Monica (where I live close to), there is even a fear of food. Once, I went to this delicious diner. Everyone was ordering the salmon, raw vegetables & some salads that were steaming. I ordered the burger & people just stared at me eating this big slab of meat on bread. However, I just munched away, having a blast rebelling against the norm.

The food scene here is different from New York. However, I’ve found wonderful Korean BBQ, Jewish delis & of course, Mexican food. I’m also avid fan of the taco truck, that most California of traditions.

That being said, I enjoy real food. However, my shirt buttons don’t really enjoy bagels & pizza the way I do. Did my shirt & I survive the family reunion? Yes, somehow we both survived. Not only do I still have my darling button down shirt, but also hold wonderful memories of enjoying a meal with the family.

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