Street Culture

The most efficient form of transportation is my two feet. Put a swell pair of sneakers, some wonderful tunes & prepare for an endorphin kick. Back in New York, walking was a huge & very important part of my life. Of course, not just for going from apartment to subway to office & back again, but also leisurely speaking.

I loved taking the subway to 14th street/Union Square. I’d then walk to the East Village with the Ramones blasting on my iPOD. I loved admiring the mom n’ pop restaurants, which represented nations from Poland to India, the vintage shops & interesting people watching.

From Saint Mark’s Place, I’d walk to the West Village. I especially loved walking on Bank Street with it’s too pretty to be real brownstones. On Bleecker Street, I had a favorite bench across from the Magnolia bakery for a quick rest. I then proceeded to walk back Uptown. Walking the streets of the city always provided free entertainment & a wonderful opportunity for exercise.

I also plan on my holidays around feet friendly destinations. Here are some of my favorite walking memories from my many trips abroad.

-Walking Buenos Aires’ Avenida de Julio (the world’s widest street). The Obelisk, French architecture & the papers flying out of windows (was there around new years, they toss out paper work out of office buildings for good luck) made for a very cinematic experience.

-Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. It’s the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. You see everything from school kids to hip Tokyoites to businessmen not bumping into each other in the world’s most congested people traffic. Also the jumbo sized tv screens offer lots of nifty music videos & distinctive noise.

-London’s parks, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park, they’re all very scenic. I especially love St. James Park with views of Buckingham Palace & lovely ponds with ducks quacking away at life.

Currently, I live in Southern California (again), where the walking concept is somewhat foreign. It’s a health nut/berries & leaves of the forest loving slice of the world. However, in order to walk here, you must drive to your destination. Giving into pre-requisites, I joined a gym & power walked on a treadmill. Three different cable news channels, sports & local networks dominated the television screens. However, it lacked the street culture I adore. Then I jogged & after fifteen minutes I grew awfully bored.

Therefore, like any good urbanite, I said to hell with the gym. I started walking on actual pavement, rather than a treadmill. The air was as clean as the language in a Quentin Tarantino film & the architecture as stimulating as watching cornfields sway in the wind.

However, I blasted some Blondie & made the best of my location. Sure, it wasn’t Paris, but I escaped into my imagination & came up with new story ideas without distractions. Sometimes, I even discovered a home with a distinct architecture (for the area) or a wonderful Korean BBQ in the middle of a strip mall.

Even with living in a car-centric culture, I find a way to walk places. Making the best of my surroundings. Whether cosmopolitan Paris or random Riverside, I keep my passion for walking alive. As long as I have a nifty pair of sneakers & cool tunes, the walking adventures are always stimulating.

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