Where the Seine meets the Thames

In a sea of coffee, there’s a tiny boat made out of popsicle sticks. The sea captain is wearing a tie with a distinctive rouge hue. While his tweed coat keeps him warm from the chilly air. His obstacle is steering the boat & not drink all the coffee.

Although, he’s in the middle of nowhere, the path leads to the excitement of Paris & the grandure of London. Rowing the boat towards the horizon; Big Ben on one side, while the Eiffel Tower is in the other creates bliss. Suddenly, the boat tips over in a highly caffeinated sea. No fears arise, since it’s all gourmet coffee & not seawater.

The fog rolls towards the sea captain, he awakens to find himself in a most ordinary of settings. What is the shocking reality? I’m sitting at home watching the fireplace. Daydreaming was a cardinal sin, growing up. My mom complained about my daydreaming.

Shockingly enough, my teachers also complained. Science & math are such riveting subjects. I don’t know why anybody would want to drift to a land of imagination & excitement. There were eight deadly sins as opposed to seven. The most guilt ridden was daydreaming. My mom put it best, ” you’re drifting into la la land again.”

Growing into adulthood, I attended film school. Rather than having guilt about daydreaming for the first time, it was a requirement like textbooks & watching Woody Allen movies. Utilizing my imagination, I delved into different worlds & cultures. After graduating from school, I still felt a wanderlust for my own imagination land. It was an escape from the realities of an adulthood land with it’s many obstacles & pressures.

In my head, I revisited some of my favorite places (such as London, Tokyo, Paris & Buenos Aires), wandered around 1950’s America, experienced Elizabethan England, sat through a bullfight, saw some very wild shows at CBGB’s, rode into the sunset with Don Quixote & had a three course dinner with some of the world’s most interesting dead people. All these experiences have always formed nice escapisms without paying for an expensive getaway.

Daydreaming is what my society always told me was wrong at one time. Don’t daydream, just focus on science & math & the joys of puberty. As an adult, I figured out breaking the rules & thinking outside of society’s social norms is more fucking fun.

Especially in the career path I’m taking as an adult, floating into fairy tale land/daydream jungle is where my finest ideas come from. If you’ll excuse me, my plane is landing in some fog & must get ready to venture into the land where the Seine meets the Thames.

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