espresso meet latte

Gimme coffee with that sweet aroma & instant stimulation brought about via the precious brew. Each morning, I wake up to a delicious latte. Although, very satisfying that latte can be quite a bore. Obviously, I can’t add whisky to my caffeinated drink first thing in the morning. The kicks are adding extra strong espresso. It makes me want to run a marathon (need to take up jogging for that one). Life is a latte. Everything can be normal, bland, predictable tasting & the milk used could determine a good or bad day (hint gas-x). However, adding that espresso shot spices up the blandness.

Life is a similar equation. You can work, hit the gym, eat & sleep +party on the weekends. However, I advise spicing things up from the everyday routine. Here we go:




-build magical space ship

-take the homemade space ship & launch yourself out of this planet

-discover if aliens exist

-also find out if these supposed extra-terestrials get CNN, listen to iPODs & sip Dunkin Donuts coffee up there

Living a life less ordinary via thinking outside the box & not fearing life is the way to be. Now drink your latte & ponder the question. “How can I make my espresso liven up my caffeine experience (or life)?”

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