Perpetual Insomnia & the Wall of Sleep

Here in the not so royal kingdom of California lives a boy who hates sleep. Not to be captain obvious, but that boy is yours truly. There are nights I just can’t sleep. If I do attempt sleep, there needs to be noise in the background. I love having the TV on. Only problem are the dreams that arise from falling asleep to CNN. Hello to joining protests in Egypt & being stuck in Syria. Not usually the splendid dreams one would fancy having.

However, my beloved TV was down last night. Therefore, I spent the night tossing & turning. I tried counting sheep then sweaters. Alas, no sleep. Insomnia is a funny thing, its rough going to bed & sometimes I feel like I could run a whole marathon with the amount of energy I have (in the middle of the night). The wall of sleep that follows the next day is brutal. My whole day is a battle against the evil forces of drowsiness, heavy eye lids & restful thinking.

It’s like I am running parallel to this brick wall that keeps following me everywhere I go. Behind the wall is something wonderful, but the wall is perpetual & won’t leave my presence.

Last night, I tried a new approach to falling asleep. I set my Pandora radio to the Maria Callas station & tried listening to some opera. I closed my eyes & imagined myself frolicking through majestic French gardens & admiring the serene English country side.

Ok, that’s what most people would commonly say. What did I really want? I wanted to listen to Madonna & do a magical rendition of Vogue in my head, while breakdancing to Grand Master Flash (also mentally) & imagining myself lost in a Space Oddity via Ziggy Stardust via David Bowie. But no, I opted for the more peaceful & cliche way to fall asleep. Did it work? only for 45 minutes. I didn’t have any significant dreams or serenity. Once the alarm went off on my iPHONE. The operatic voice faded into the screeching rhythms of an early morning alarm.

The not so royal kingdom of California needs more noise. However, listening to opera while attempting sleep makes me a more cultured insomniac ( I really don’t listen to opera outside bedtime). Fear the wall of sleep. It’s not your friend. If you really wanna give it a big “fuck you” draw some graffiti on it & show the wall who’s boss.

espresso meet latte

Gimme coffee with that sweet aroma & instant stimulation brought about via the precious brew. Each morning, I wake up to a delicious latte. Although, very satisfying that latte can be quite a bore. Obviously, I can’t add whisky to my caffeinated drink first thing in the morning. The kicks are adding extra strong espresso. It makes me want to run a marathon (need to take up jogging for that one). Life is a latte. Everything can be normal, bland, predictable tasting & the milk used could determine a good or bad day (hint gas-x). However, adding that espresso shot spices up the blandness.

Life is a similar equation. You can work, hit the gym, eat & sleep +party on the weekends. However, I advise spicing things up from the everyday routine. Here we go:




-build magical space ship

-take the homemade space ship & launch yourself out of this planet

-discover if aliens exist

-also find out if these supposed extra-terestrials get CNN, listen to iPODs & sip Dunkin Donuts coffee up there

Living a life less ordinary via thinking outside the box & not fearing life is the way to be. Now drink your latte & ponder the question. “How can I make my espresso liven up my caffeine experience (or life)?”